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Is your computer acting slower than normal? Are you having issues loading programs? Sounds like it may be ailing from a virus. Never fear though, the medics at LaptopMD are here for your windows virus removal! Visit our Pompton Plains or Morristown offices six days a week for the component level expertise that’s made us a staple of New Jersey repair. We offer free, while you wait for estimates and same day service on most orders. Our engineers are industry certified, sure to get to the root of your computer’s virus issue. Don’t simply settle with commercially available software or commercial retail that aims to upsell! We have the knowledge to repair your existing OS installation. We’re open late for the convenience of all our clients! 

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a malignant code that embeds in your computer and disrupts the natural. They can be attained through opening infected files, letting infected periphery devices (USB/SD cards) into your computer, and surfing the wrong websites. Once viruses are in your computer, they work maliciously to reverse code. The worst viruses and malware allow themselves to be undetected by commercial antivirus programs and continue to plague your computer. They affect your productivity by slowing your computer down, keeping certain files from opening, and more.

We’re open six days a week. You can bring your computer in, or we can even schedule an onsite visit. Versatility like this is what’s made us a well-respected service. Most of our clients are repeat customers because they appreciate our service, including Windows virus removal.

Services such as Best Buy and Staples may seem like the obvious choice, but they’re simply not interested in mere virus removal. Retail and repair just don’t mix. They will attempt to sell you a complete overhaul of your operating system when that might not be necessary. Many Windows virus removals can occur with a few simple tactics, but the “technicians” at these stores may not even know how to do them. Our engineers have comprehensive knowledge of the market, well abreast of the new viruses, spyware, and malware that wreak havoc on the industry.

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